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Joelle M. Mather, 911 Intercommunicator, EMS First Responder, Educator

Joelle has been in the emergency medical field for 27 years, and an Emergency Medical Technician for 18 years after graduating from Northeastern University with her EMT certification. Joelle branched out and started teaching safety awareness to school aged children, reaching an astounding 10,000+ kids in over 40 schools with a program that she created and implemented.

Joelle now is a 911 telecommunicator with multiple communities, dispatching law enforcement, fire services, and EMS. Her strong EMS background has shown her to be a valuable asset to the community, being tasked to write policies and procedures for Active shooter and Lost or Missing Children to name but a few. Joelle’s move to EPECARE was a perfect fit with her background and desire to teach the community to save lives.

Joelle is a wife and a mother of two wonderful children whom have learned valuable lessons from their parents, both of whom have dedicated their lives to helping others.

Email Joelle at jmather@epecare.org