The duplex in Maase-Offiso, Ghana

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Nicole Sova

Nicole is a biomedical engineer, Global Health Corps Fellow, and Program Manager at Vecna Cares. Her driving passion is utilizing research and technology to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare.

Nicole has volunteered in two under-resourced clinics in Arusha, Tanzania which led her to understand the importance of community led healthcare changes versus top down infrastructure. For four years she was involved in and led a low-budget undergraduate engineering project in Maase-Offiso, Ghana which involved building a self-sustainable duplex, containing a rainwater collection system, a customized septic system with an anaerobic digestion pit, a water monitoring system, and a solar power system. In this project, all decisions were guided by the community and all supplies were locally sourced – a key aspect to sustainability that EPECARE values.

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