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Our passion comes from the pit of our being. Harold Roy, co-founder is a proud first-generation Haitian American; born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Boston, MA. His grandmother spoke about the struggles the people of Haiti endure during natural disasters, civil unrest and poverty. During a conversation, at the age of twelve he promised her he would improve their homeland. He always had the burning desire to help his country but didn’t know how during those difficult times. After surviving Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake and participating in relief work the months following, we created EPECARE to meet those needs. Ernst Montoban, co-founder was born and raised in Haiti, as a youth he was involved in Boy Scouts, The Red Cross and programs serving the community. He experienced the disasters that affected Haiti, as both a victim and assisting in disaster and humanitarian relief efforts during his time in the military and police force. He sees firsthand the need for training, and must improve things for their friends, families and future generations.