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​​​EPECARE is committed to improving resilience in the Haitian community and have successfully networked with a variety of organizations to advance our mission. In the last 12 months we have established partnerships or Memorandums of Understating with multidisciplinary organizations locally in Boston and on the ground in Haiti. Our partners to date include:

Zanmi Lasante (ZL) 

Zanmi Lasante

Zanmi Lasante is a Haiti based healthcare organization, which runs and operates 15 healthcare facilities throughout the central plateau of Haiti and Artibonite. Zanmi Lasante, the sister organization of Partners in Health (Boston based), has been the face of Haiti’s healthcare system for the past 25 years. However, the unfortunate effects from both the earthquake and the cholera outbreak have increased patient visits from different areas of the country. Subsequently, the influx of patients has exposed ZL’s healthcare providers to various acts of violence, physical aggression, threats and other security concerns.

ZL has a Healthcare Security department that provides security for all of ZL sites. The Director of ZL Security, Ernst Motonban, has a staff of 50 security personnel. According to Ernst, his security team does not have the adequate resources to help mitigate the various types of security risks ZL healthcare staff are currently facing. Resources such as: flashlights, handcuffs, communication devices, surveillance cameras, and means of transportation severely limit the security department’s basic functions.

EPECARE Inc. and ZL staff members have agreed to work together with hopes of developing a culturally accepted curriculum that is dedicated to improving the healthcare security program for all ZL sites. This partnership will act as a pilot, which will be a model for all healthcare security programs throughout Haiti. EPECARE Inc. will work closely with Ernst and his department. Our focus will be to develop a sustainable training program that will increase the capacity of qualified security staff members.

Joint Humanitarian Security Forum (JHSF)

Joint Humanitarian Security Forum is a independent platform for security Focal Points from International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) operating in Haiti. JHSF members are committed to improving the safety and security of relief operations and staff in a way that allows greater access to and for crisis-affected populations in country.

The forum was created to establish a more prominent role for security management in international humanitarian operations. It provides a space for INGOs to collectively improve security management practice, and facilities exchange between members and other bodies such as UN, Haitian Authorities, MINUSTAH, training providers, donors and a broad range of international NGOs.

The partnership between HSI and JHSF will be essential to both groups. EPECARE Inc. will look to obtain pertinent information regarding political issues and safety and security updates from the JHSF group. This will allow us to have a better understanding of what the environment in country entails and the best practice to help mitigate potential security and disaster issues. JHSF will seek to obtain specific training that HSI has to offer and make it available to other NGOs who are in need of such.

Mass General Hospital Center for Disaster Medicine

Will be assisting EPECARE Inc. in developing the training curriculum for the global health training. They have the subject matter experts and the training materials needed to make this particular project a success.

Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP

Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP, a leading Boston law firm provides pro bono legal services for all of EPECARE’s legal requirements.

EYP Inc.

EYP Inc., a global provider of high-performance building design, research, and consulting services is providing pro bono architectural services for development of EPECARE’s Aquin training facility in Haiti.

Samanhaus Inc.

Samanhaus Inc., empowers Haiti’s youth through sustainable design and education. Samanhaus Inc. partners with architects to improve living conditions at Haitian orphanages. They act as facilitators between partner organizations in Haiti who need architectural services and Architecture Firms in the U.S. that need pro bono work. SamanHaus Inc. works closely with their Haitian partners to determine their specific needs and develop well defined design problems for U.S. Partners to address. They work with partners to provide architectural solutions that improve access to clean water, reliable electricity, and create beautiful, safe homes for Haiti's orphans.

Additionally, EPECARE Inc. has established relationships with: