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Sponsor-a-Bag program

EPECARE is proud to announce a new opportunity for donors to help those living in resource limited settings. While in the United States help in a disaster is, at most, 72 hours away those living in areas without a modern response infrastructure may be several days away from receiving the assistance they need. With this in mind, EPECARE has begun our Sponsor-a-Bag program.

For a $40 donation you can sponsor an emergency response bag for one of EPECARE’s community instructor/trainers who reside in Haiti. During training these instructors utilize the same equipment that is included in the bag’s contents and will use the bag locally in their communities in times of need. All disposable single use items can be replenished locally in Haiti or improvised using equivalents which are explained and demonstrated during training.

Here is what your $40 donation buys someone to help their community when an emergency occurs:

  • 2 x trauma pads
  • 1 x pair of trauma shears
  • 4 x cravats (triangular bandages)
  • 2 x aircraft aluminum tourniquet windlasses
  • 2 x compression dressings
  • 1 x mini area work light with 2 x sets of batteries
  • 1 x multitool with emergency whistle, seatbelt/strap cutter, and glass punch on a paracord lanyard
  • 2 x rolls of roller gauze
  • 4 x individually sealed 4”x4” gauze pads
  • Several cloth, water resistant BandAids

All kit contents will be vacuum sealed in water proof plastic packages and distributed in a water-resistant MOLLE style high-visibility international orange bag.

EPECARE is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is fully tax deductible. Please consider helping those in need and donate today to make a difference in resource limited communities!