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Demonstrating an improvised pelvic binderWatching a student apply a slingPracticing using a cravat as an improvised tourniquetEPECARE instructors show the gifts received from their students at the end of their deploymentSplinting a hand the right way, in the position of functionThe mountains of Haiti in the morningThe EPECARE team posing for one last photo in Haiti before the end of deploymentStudents practice skills while an instructor watchesPausing for a working lunchHaiti - by the seaPracticing patient assessmentCo-founder Ernst Montoban presents material to the studentsPracticing use a cravat as a tourniquetDemonstrating patient assessment skillsConducting outreach education in the community - HaitiStudents learn the many uses of cravatsA student watches patient assessment while instructors watchBleeding and hemorrhage controlDemonstration of a soft splint applied to the lower legTeaching students the location of the carotid pulseThree students demonstrate a two-person seat carryGraduation - the final day of classEPECARE instructors conferring on notes after classInstructors debrief after a day in the fieldThree students demonstrate a chair carryDemonstrating using a blanket drag to evacuate patientsStudents working with an instructor to demonstrate a two-person liftTwo-person crossed arm liftPre-deployment training in Boston, MASecuring an improvised tourniquetJacqueline Nally, RN  preparing students in Boston, MA prior to deployment to HaitiHands-only CPRBoston, MA students learn how to use a pelvic binder prior to deploymentBoard member Tim Treu demonstrates a two-person carryCo-founder and CEO Harold Roy answering student's questionsBoard member Matt Kirwin teaching students proper patient movement techniques prior to their deploymentCultural competency is a major aspect of EPECARE's approach to education and careBoard members Tim Treu and Anisha Borthakur confer during training in Boston, MA