Currently seeking qualified candidates to intern with EPECARE. EPECARE is proactively preparing the next generation of responders by providing multi-disciplinary training in resource-limited communities. EPECARE is establishing training opportunities to prepare communities throughout the greater Boston area, with pilot program in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, for natural disaster and emergency preparedness through the use of two training modules that teach skills such as first aid/CPR and disaster response preparedness, as well as how international organizations coordinate relief efforts.

EPECARE is also creating a training facility in Aquin, Haiti to train local community members for humanitarian response in global health and disaster preparedness in country. Training consists of two distinct modules. Module I will provide participants with an entry-level understanding of the international response environment, as well as practical issues that will arise in the field, preparing them to safely deploy as part of an international humanitarian or disaster response team. Module II will provide those intending to deploy as part of humanitarian/disaster response medical teams with enhanced training surrounding common patterns of injury seen during international response, as well as international medical resources and treatment decision-making in a resource-limited environment. In addition to didactic lectures, emphasis will be placed on hands-on skills sessions and patient assessment scenarios.

Seeking interns with an interest in:

  • Funding and grant writing for nonprofit organizations
  • Organization of fundraising efforts
  • Interest in international program design and development
  • Emergency medicine and patient assessment
  • Programming for underrepresented communities at risk for climate related disasters, including immigrant communities displaced by climate related disasters
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Climate change preparedness
  • Attending meetings and working with community organizers in the Boston area

Internship opportunities are flexible and can be used for school required experiential learning. Interns will walk away with a better understanding of the day-to-day workings of a nonprofit, training medical staff in a resource limited setting, international disaster relief, community assessment in diverse environments, and experience with finding, creating, and submitting fundraising materials.

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume outlining your interest in the position to Timothy Treu at